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Natural Reserve of Belice. Must Visit!

Natural Reserve of Belice extends between Marinella di Selinunte and the promontory of Porto Palo, includes the final stretch of the river Belice and the nearby coastal dune formations with areas periodically flooded by the waters of the sea. It is one of the flaps residues , and therefore of extraordinary importance of the natural landscape which in the past was to characterize , almost entirely , on the Mediterranean coast of Sicily, among the most beautiful of the island.
It includes different environments : the dunes, the mouth of the river with the typical marsh vegetation and , in the inner part , the Mediterranean evergreen .

In particular , the stretch of coast from fine sand that extends between Marinella di Selinunte and Porto Palo , we are in the presence of a set consisting of a natural coastal dune system , up to six meters high , which extends for about 5 km and goes towards the hinterland , even for 70/80 meters and, therefore, an area rich in fociale a now rare marsh vegetation .
Inside the reserve of Belice , runs one of the most important rivers of the province of Trapani , the River Belice (from Belich , the name of a castle that stood probably on the confluence of the right and left Belice ), which in addition to being the eldest of the three rivers that flow through the territory of Selinunte , is one of the largest in all of Sicily .

At one time the Belice river was navigable for a long distance and in fact, was for centuries one of the main routes of communication between the interior and the coast belicina . This function is highlighted by a series of settlements found along the way , ranging from prehistory to the early Middle Ages .
In some areas still lays eggs the turtle " caretta caretta " .

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